The entire women’s collection of FW22 has been inspired by the theme ”Find your identity”. It is important that people can be who they want to be and with the pressure of social media and the continuous passing of ”ideal images” can lead to people having unrealistic expectations of themselves. With our company we aim to help people express themselves through our versatile items to make people love themselves more, as we believe when you feel good on the inside and outside, you are your best self.

The collection features clothing that takes on new forms and symbolises growth and you “flying off into the world’’. It is based on Alice in Wonderland but with Alice in the real, modern world. Alice is now an adult, and the woman who wears clothes of DES ANGES can identify with Alice, stepping away from imagination and into reality. Feeling powerful, confident and in control. The items of this collection combine the styles of urban, feminine and class.

The company ultimately stands for inclusivity and sustainability, and wants to encourage people to be themselves. To express themselves as powerfully and confidently as they can possible. DES ANGES wants women to be in control of their lives and express themselves the way they want to and to not be limited. This company wants to give women a closet where they can embrace their femininity and edge, all at the same time. We want to help people who want to combine their different styles to create the closet they have always dreamed of having.

We dare you to express yourselves.