We need to care of the place where we all live in, so bring back slow fashion and focus on a better world with us.

Fabrics and materials

We want to make sure that we work with fabrics that last a long time. We focus on clothing that has a long lifespan, so every detail is given lots of attention and quality is our top priority.

We try to use as many fabrics/materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible. We look at the life span and how a material is made and/or how well it can be reused/recycled. We also use materials that are already certified as sustainable.

Reducing textile production volumes

When you order, we produce.

No waste and overproduction. We believe reducing textile production volumes is the most effective way to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Locally produced

All of our items are produced in a workshop in The Netherlands.

We try to achieve a positive impact on the environment, people and economy. That's why we produce in The Netherlands and are proud to have garment makers with a refugee background working with us. We only produce in a responsible way with fair working conditions.


The labels in our items are certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 quality mark and are quality approved by CENTEXBEL. The labels also incorporate yarn made from recycled polyester