The story of DES ANGES

''Breaking the stigma, encouraging empowerment and confidence, all to bring a better world''.

Find your identity with us.

Founded in 2022, DES ANGES stands for the human who dares to express themselves. Other brands make clothes to fit one style but DES ANGES breaks this mould. We believe that we as a brand don’t have to focus on one style that represents our company, because people are multi-faceted and we all have different sides.

In DES ANGES you will find that our products combine several styles, whilst remaining a luxury brand. Our clothes can be styled in a variety of ways that allows people to choose which side of themselves they want to emphasise.

The company is constantly creating designs that are not available everywhere by using uniques patterns, materials and a range of colours. Creating an innovative style is a high priority for us as we believe that everyone values finding their individual identity.

We also want to emphasise sustainable fashion which means we do not mass produce and will be using durable materials.  As much as possible we use materials that are environmentally friendly.

Furthermore to make our customers feel extra special, all of our items will be limited. We also produce items for all sizes. We not only offer a range of sizes in each collection but we give the people the option to have items custom made.

At DES ANGES we work with people from all over the world and are proud to have those with refugee backgrounds working with us too. Together we strive for a responsible, high-quality future for the clothing industry. The people who work in our workshops are talented garment makers, with years of experience in the clothing business. All of our products are made in The Netherlands.


From a young age, Kelly Engelen has been fascinated with fashion and always knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry. It all started with sketches of clothes she would like to wear but couldn’t find in stores. She also missed certain combinations of styles that would define who she is. These were anchor points for starting her own clothing line. Everyone should be able to express themselves how they want and wearing the right clothes can play an important part in this.

She also wants to bring about a change in the industry. Therefore, she focuses on making timeless clothing that is of high quality and does not involve mass production. This way you create a closet that allows you to put together countless combinations, making it less likely to buy new clothes often. For her it is important that clothes are exclusive, outstanding and less damaging to the environment.

Kelly loves to find new inspiration by traveling and engaging with social issues. In her opinion, you can see art in everything around you and create something new through this by looking at things in a different way.

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