This dress stands for power, innovation and growth. The plants represent oxygen to live, creating a life you envision. Plants can almost grow anywhere, just like humans. When you visit new places you gain new insights and inspiration to develop yourself further and become who you want to be. In addition, plants show that we have to take care of this world, this means that in the production of clothes we have to look at where clothes are made, in what way and from what materials. The flowers represent growth, we as humans need to be able to emerge and keep developing to get to where we want to be. It is important that we discover our own identity. This dress exudes both femininity, elegance and urban through the use of the different shapes, colors and fabrics. The skirt stands for the human who has different sides, there are layers to peel off like an onion until you get to the core. Who someone is becomes more and more apparent as one searches for who they are and dares to show it. Handmade in the Netherlands.

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